Cut And Stack Materials and Supplies

Printing companies that produce Cut & Stack labels have the perfect application for banding mostly with film and occasionally with paper.

Customers requiring Cut & Stack labels deal with printers with roll-fed printing presses that create printed labels on large sheets which are stacked and cut into specific sizes, hence the name Cut & Stack.

These labels are inexpensive and are meant for high volume applications such as canned foods, house hold products and bottles. The labels can be printed on a variety of materials such paper and films.

Once the stacks of labels are cut, they pass thru banding equipment most notably Heidelberg, Adolf Mohr, Blumer, Polar, Auto Cut, Bosch and SK Films.

Most printing companies that are in need of banding film tend to be single sourced and are unaware that banding film rolls are available in all popular sizes thru Pacific Packaging.

Let us know what size you are currently using and we would be happy to send you free samples for your evaluation.


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Fits All Popular Equipment

Supplying the highest quality film and paper banding materials for both foreign and domestic equipment, including:

  • ATS
  • ATS CE
  • ATS MS
  • ATS US -2000 LD1
  • ATS US -2000 AD
  • ATS US -2100
  • ATS US 2000
  • Akebono
  • Polar Autocut
  • BL Products
  • Blumer USA
  • BandAll B18 B24 B32 B40 B48
  • Busch
  • Felins
  • Heidelberg
  • JD 150
  • JD 240
  • MBO
  • Palamides
  • Wexler