The Akebono OB-360 high speed paper and film tape banding machine

Akebono OB-360

The Akebono OB-360 is a high speed paper and film tape banding machine for use in a variety of printing & graphics, pharmaceutical, food and non-food industries including banking and other packaging applications.

The Akebono Advantages:

  • High Speed
    • Up to 30 cycles per minute. Soft or elastic bundles can be banded without sacrificing the speed.
  • Versatile
    • Applies banding to packages as small as 30mm (1-1/8” )wide x 10mm (3/8”) high up to 480mm (16-1/2”) wide x210mm (8-1/4”) high.
    • Either paper or film tape can be used.
    • The new track design allows the use of 60 micron thick film, reducing cost and waste.
  • Adjustable Tension
    • Tension is adjustable from 5N to 30N (approx. 1 - 6.6lbsf).
  • Friendly Operation
    • A cycle can be actuated by simply placing a bundle on the table, pressing the Start button or stepping on the foot pedal.
    • “Pause Mode” can be selected to leave the track open until the package is removed from the table, helping to eliminate the biting or tearing of the tape in certain applications.
  • Good Sealing
    • Improved sealing/heater design helps achieve an even melting and seamless seal eliminating curled, folded or peeling tape edges.

    Akebono OB-360 with Dispenser and Stand
  • Standard Specifications:
    • Voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz
    • Interior dimension of the frame: 420 mm x 210 mm (W x H )
    • Weight: 30 kg
    • Dimensions: 570 x 488 x 282 mm(W x H x D)
    • Strap tension adjustable
    • Easiest operation
    • Can be used automatically and completely automatically
  • Product spectrum:
    • Width from 30 mm to 420 mm
    • Height of 10 mm to 210 mm
    • Retraction force: 0.5 to 3.0 kg
    • Machines available for 30mm and 50mm width bands.



Large dispenser and takeaway conveyor belt available upon request.

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