Cut And Stack Banding Rolls

Stacks of household goods labels banded with clear film

Producers of high volume canned foods and dairy, beverages, automotive products, chemicals and household goods are the main users of cut and stack labels, as they are considerably more cost effective than pressure sensitive labels. The labels are applied to the various products during the gluing process at the packaging stage of production.

The process of banding begins on guillotine machines that cut and stack large printed sheets of labels. Banding machines such as Heidelberg, Atlas, PB 110 and Autocut apply a band or two, depending on the width and weight of the stack as they exit the guillotine. The bands ensure that the stacks are held together in transit. This eliminates the need to shrink wrap the stacks of labels, which is more costly and creates more harm in the waste stream.

Pacific Packaging Products stocks the special banding film for cut and stack label printers in 20mm, 25mm, 28mm and 50mm. Lengths can vary from 1,000 ft. to 3,000 ft., depending on the customer’s equipment. Custom put-ups are also available with short lead times..

Let us know what size you are currently using and we would be happy to send you free samples for your evaluation.


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