Film & Paper Banding Materials Alternative Sourcing

In the printing industry, automatic and self-standing banding machines are often utilized by cut-and-stack label printers, binderies and commercial printers to bundle flat or folded printed material for packaging and transport.

Unfortunately, the consumables used on this equipment – the film or paper banding material itself – are often available only from single domestic or overseas sources that hold a virtual monopoly on the pricing. This not only adds to the cost of the consumable, but can put the printer at the effect of delays in delivery.

As a result, many cut-and-stack label printers, binderies and commercial printers are looking to wean themselves off a single source supplier in favor of a U.S. second source supplier to reduce costs, freight and delivery time.

With a qualified domestic supplier, printers and binderies can get the same quality of banding film or paper at a lower price without being locked into a single source. Since this is an item that must be continually ordered, the savings go directly to the bottom line.

Magdi Bichay is general manager of specialty sales and marketing at Pacific Packaging Products Inc., a film and paper manufacturer, distributor and converter based in Wilmington, MA. For further information or to request samples, contact him at 978-808-8827 or


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